digiBet new top brand of UGT

Sports betting provider digiBet will shortly enter the market as the new top brand of United Game Tech plc with a fully refurbished web presence. digiBet will operate both online and in-store with a strong focus on sports betting alongside additional casino games.
The new digiBEt is a fusion of the well-known European sports betting brands Banco bet, Start Sportwetten and the former presence of digiBEt – under the umbrella of United Game Tech plc.
CEO Alexander Zucker, speaking excitedly ahead of the launch, said “With digiBet we want to revive one of the most traditional and best-known sports betting brands. Therefore, we use the most modern and innovative standards of the industry.”
Besides sports betting United Game Tech plc. are also offering horse racing bets on digibet.com , as well as complex and innovative hardware and software systems for business clients.